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Cosmetic Dentistry
throughout Scituate, Quincy, & Braintree, MA

While general dentistry focuses more on the health of your teeth and gums, cosmetic dentistry centers around the appearance of your smile. Of course, in some cases, the two go hand-in-hand. Whether your teeth are broken and damaged or just a little more dingy than you’d like, our family dentist offers a number of ways to transform them, such as:

  • Bonding: We apply a bonding liquid to the surface of your teeth followed by a plastic resin. This can be done to restore cracked and chipped teeth, or it can be used to re-sculpt misaligned teeth.

  • Bridges: A bridge may be used to replace missing teeth, help maintain the shape of your face, and alleviate stress on your bite. A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, looks great, and literally bridges the gap where one or more teeth may have been. Your bridge can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials and is bonded onto surrounding teeth for support.

  • Inlays and Onlays: Made of gold, silver, resin or porcelain, inlays resemble fillings but provide more strength. Onlays cover more of a tooth’s surface than inlays.

  • Veneers: Usually composed of porcelain, veneers are bonded to the front surface of teeth and can cover significant damage as well as slight misalignment and unevenness.

  • Whitening: We offer two distinct methods of teeth whitening for our patients. Our in-office treatment can be done in a single visit, and our take-home bleaching trays are custom fit for maximum effectiveness.

Montillo Dental Associates of Braintree is proud to offer a suite of cosmetic dentistry services to patients throughout the Scituate, Quincy, and Braintree, MA communities. Whether you’re interested in teeth whitening, dental implants, or need a dental crown, rely on our team for compassionate and comprehensive services that help you reach your oral health goals.


Call Today to Schedule an Appointment for Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns & More!

Call Today to Schedule an Appointment for Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns & More! We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our professional oral services like cavity treatments, dental implants, and more. Our services are available to patients from Scituate, Quincy, Braintree, and the surrounding areas.


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