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Custom Night Guards
for the Scituate, Quincy, & Braintree, MA areas

A stiff, sore jaw, disrupted sleep, and headaches are all signs of teeth grinding. You may be conscious of your teeth grinding while awake, but many people grind their teeth at night without even realizing it. Unfortunately, regular teeth grinding can lead to jaw pain and poor sleep as well as tooth sensitivity, tooth erosion, and even tooth loss. One of your best tools in the fight against teeth grinding is a night guard.


Simply put, a night guard is a set of trays that you will place in your mouth prior to going to sleep to prevent teeth grinding. However, you should be careful when purchasing a night guard, as a generic one can actually separate your teeth over time and impact your ability to bite down. Custom night guards are the best solution for preventing teeth grinding at night while preserving the teeth, and the team at Montillo Dental Associates of Braintree can create a custom night guard just for you.

Make An Appointment For Your Custom Night Guard

At Montillo Dental Associates of Braintree, we can meet with you to take a look at your teeth and find out if teeth grinding is causing your pain or tooth erosion. Should you need a custom night guard, we can design and make one for you. Don’t wait any longer to improve the health of your teeth; call the team at Montillo Dental Associates of Braintree today! We serve patients throughout Scituate, MA; Quincy, MA; and Braintree, MA.

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