General Dentistry
for the Scituate, Quincy, & Braintree, MA areas

General Dentistry includes all the basic elements of your oral health beginning with an initial exam to determine exactly what type of treatments you may need. Your twice-annual cleanings are also part of this branch to determine there is no need for any type of cavity treatment. We’ll delve below the surface of your teeth and gums using specialized equipment to develop a treatment plan specifically for you. Our general dentistry services include:

  • Pediatric DentistryA child's first visit to the dentist should be enjoyable.  Our dentists and hygienists make special efforts to use pleasant, non-frightening, simple words to describe each treatment so your child will feel comfortable and relaxed. We want you and your child to feel at ease from the moment your family arrives at our office. 

  • Digital Imaging: As opposed to the antiquated x-ray technology of the past, we use small intraoral cameras to create digital x-rays, reducing your exposure to radiation and giving us a more precise idea of how to best move forward with your treatments. This technique also allows us to more quickly and efficiently share your images with any outside specialists who may need to get involved.

  • Fillings: We remove any decayed portions of teeth, as long as enough healthy dental material remains for this to be the most suitable option, and fill the space with tooth-colored resin. Doing so eliminates the pain of a cavity and helps ward off future decay.

  • Oral Surgery (extractions, wisdom teeth, Implants): Every tooth serves an important role in your mouth. Extraction of a single functional tooth causes a great burden for your remaining teeth. When enough teeth are missing, stresses can cause fractures or shifting in your remaining teeth, or breakdown of supporting bone and gums.

  • Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Therapy): During this procedure, we remove infected pulp through a small opening in the affected tooth’s crown and fill the gap left behind with material designed to mimic the look and strength of your natural teeth. The root canal procedure is quite similar having a routine filling and can be accomplished usually in one to two visits.

  • Crowns: These are artificial caps placed on damaged teeth. They typically accompany root canal procedures, but they can also be implemented before infection and the need for root canal treatment sets in.  We use a special machine called the CEREC, so this type of dental crown procedure can be done in just one visit!

  • Bridges: Bridges are used when a natural tooth, or teeth, as the case may be, need to be extracted. Artificial teeth are attached to a metal support structure, which then uses the surrounding natural teeth to hold the bridge in place.

  • Dentures: These are complete sets of artificial teeth. They’re made by fabricating a metal framework, covering it with gum-colored plastic, and affixing teeth made of resin to the plastic base. We use precision molding and measuring techniques to ensure the best fit possible for your dentures. This process is the same for custom nightguards as well!

  • Sealants: As the name indicates, this procedure involves coating your teeth with resin to ward off decay.


These are only the most common procedures our office performs for patients throughout the Scituate, Quincy, and Braintree, MA. We also offer an array of other options for promoting dental and oral health. Our team is well-versed in maxillofacial treatments for TMS and similar conditions, and we treat gum disease in its various stages. By keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, we can provide far more advanced solutions for your dental issues.​ From routine cleanings to cavity treatment, we do it all. Regardless of your needs, our family dentist offers comprehensive and compassionate care on which you can rely!


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